2012 Aramco Houston Half Marathon

 Yes, I finally made it. Having started training for this half marathon on June 1, 2011, I have changed in the positive direction. With five-day-a-week training and healthy eating,  my daily and life stresses started diminishing. Who would have thought my life could change this much?

What I needed most was confidence in me. I’d always thought I am confident as otherwise I wouldn’t have made this far on my own. Indeed, I wasn’t confident at all. I needed assurance of other people, family and society at every step I made: settling down in the US, finishing my master’s degree, getting a job, moving to California and then Houston and many more. Everyone else but me saw my confidence and capability. I’ve been having self-confidence issues. In this sense, my half marathon was a great start in the passage of cure.

On a bit chilly Sunday morning, I was up at 4 am getting ready for the half marathon. My worries as I left home changed to excitement as I walked into George Brown Convention Center where the marathons were held. I haven’t seen so many people like that in the US! While standing in the crowd, about to run, I felt as if we were to march to save the earth. It was already a great feeling and an experience. The crowd began running: some were like the Olympic marathoners and some others were like strollers. I was in between.

After one mile and another, my mind was being worn out before the body. A question ‘Should I walk for a while?’ didn’t leave my mind after the first four miles. Of course, a (half) marathon was a sport of a strong mind. Bystanders were cheering the runners up with funny phrases. ‘Don’t forget you paid for this!’, ‘You need to go home before noon. Texans @ noon.’, ‘Chuck Norris didn’t run for a marathon. (Why him?)’

What seemed endless came to an end. Running into the finish line was emotional and I burst into tears. The tears were not only for my first half marathon but about a life full of  ups and downs.   

(With my Finisher shirt and medal)

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