Yoga Retreat

The half marathon training consumed all of my workout time, and as the marathon day approached, several post-marathon workout ideas were floating around in my head: resuming tennis is one and mastering the freestyle swim is another. And a hot yoga! Then a summer vacation idea came to my mind between the pages of a lifestyle magazine.

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The biggest attractions that made me have signed up for this gym were its up-to-date facilities and the hot yoga classes even though membership was costly. I’ve tried several Yoga classess in an attempt to tone up my body but I should admit every once in a blue moon. One of the greatest benefits of this half marathon is a regular workout that is now part of my life. I believe whatever workout or sport I try, I will be able to defy tempation of quitting.

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Anyways, I didn’t know that people fly to a yoga retreat to a beautiful and calm beach village until I bumped into the article in the magazine. How nice it is to spend time in the beaches like in Coata Rica or Mexico plus yoga. A five-day stay including breakfast and lunch and yoga classes runs from about USD 700 (A yesterday’s Groupon Getaway had a Mexico yoga retreat at about USD 850).

Whether I choose this getaway or not for this summer is not that important here. What’s important is I will start a hot yoga class in the next week, dreaming of myself in the tranquil beach in the Downward Dog pose.

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