Journey for a better writing (in America)

Right after returning from a business trip to Korea, I started a blog on a Korean platfom. It was a day in September 2007, and my journey  for a better writing began. Why did I want to write better? That was because I wanted to be a better and professional translator. With no doubt, the first posts were hesitant and I  easily ran out of writing ideas. No wonder why the people who freshly start a blog don’t last more than six months.

I kept thinking to find a writing idea and didn’t stop. Thinking, yes, that was the best part of writing: I became a thinker after more than four years of blogging. Writing is a form of expression. Thoughts are simply expressed in writing. To become a good writer, I believe one needs to be a good thinker. I am not any more hesitant when it comes to writing, and my head is full of writing ideas from reading, work, workout, listening to podcasts, etc. Basically everything in my life stimulates my thinking. Whoever reads this post might wonder where my four-year history of blogging is. It is here at

I’ve been writing on this blog since the day in 2007, yes, in Korean. At the beginning of this year, the idea of starting a blog in English came to mind and bravely enough I started one on This Korean girl in America (the North) would continue to be a writer and thinker in this country as if she just arrived from her motherland, with eagerness to learn and live the culture, language and country.

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