Film Review: War Horse

The title ‘War’ didn’t attract me at all as I am not a fan of war movies. Neither did ‘Horse’. ‘War’ and ‘horse (an animal)’ are a bad combination. Such movies tend to be too dramatic, cruel, sad, violent and such and such. But I had a little choice, and it was a Spielberg film. And I saw it.

Friendship of a boy and a horse was taken apart due to poverty and World War I. Albert, the boy, watched the birth of Joey, the horse, and basically raised and trained Joey until Albert’s father put Joey in the market to save his farm and Joey was sold to an officer who was about to go to war. Then Joey’s journey to go back to Albert began. Joey was well polished in the army as the proud horse of the office but he lost his owner in a combat and captured by the German soldiers. Then he got into the hands of an old farmer and his granddaughter. The small farm seemed a warm new home for Joey but his beautiful and strong body was a good use to move German heavy cannons. And then Joey was in a parody of Christmas truce: while running away from the German soldiers, he happened to be trapped in thorny wires in no man’s land. Each from the English and German sides came out to cut Joey out of the thorny wires. Joey was finally back to the English army where he reunited with Albert. Albert and Joey returned home.

It was a family film rather than a war film, which you could watch with a warm heart. It wasn’t bad but great, considering the maker of it. Not much to write about the film.

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