Post a Day 2011: It is a challenge!

I had the banner up on my blog, and it is a challenge because I’ve been on a ‘A Post every other Day’ mode (Yes, I made this up.:). Even though many thoughts come to my mind throughout the day, a thought needs momentum to ripe before turning into a post. As per a Korean writer who wrote several series of great novels, if you read for one hour, then you need to think for two hours and then another two hours of writing. What would this mean? Contemplation is twice as ¬†important as reading and equally important as writing. It is so true.

However, in this hectic life style, how would I find the time to read, think and write every day? Since my Post a Day banner has been up, my mind has been racing to meet the challenge. I don’t know how I could handle this but I will try my best and would love to see at the end of the year how much I changed.

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