I make all kinds of excuses to reward me: At the year-end, I bought me a necklace to appreciate that I survived somewhat shocking change; after the half marathon, I indulged me with a nice Swedish massage; I got a new camera and notebook to express more and better; and after I got the camera, I traveled to Canada. Now I need to add one more item to my 2012 resolution: Be frugal!

The Jacuzzi in the photo is my mini everyday getaway at the gym. After workout, I enjoy listening to my favorite Podcasts or reading. The Jacuzzi time is enormously indulging and a stress release, which greatl helped me get through to the finish line of my first half marathon. Despite of the pricy gym membership, this gym is a great reward for my workout. 

There is one last excuse (yes, for now) in mind. I got a new car on the day before New Year’s eve. Letting my beloved Jetta go was unexpectedly sad and the brand new car wasn’t much of excitement – I am unsure why but felt that way at that time. Several days passed and New Year’s celebration is done. Then, it occured to me that I need to go on a road trip with my new car! I am back to the excitement mode. What a great excuse to go out of town. Haha.

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