Why do I feel like Nemo? (II)

What made me most excited about the moving was not the exciting California city, but a chance to study for translation. I have a career goal of being a full-time translator/interpreter. For now, I have a full-time job and do translation whenever possible. Very slowly but getting there. And a columnist, this one can wait for a bit longer.

It was La Habra, in the suburb of Los Angeles, where I settled down. Rent was twice higher than Omaha but the weather was 20 times better. Easy access to the beautiful pacific beaches was another. The beginning was great as I explored popular and seen-only-on TV or movie places such as Santa Monica Beach, Rodeo Drive, Hollywood, etc. It was fun, and I was excited to be able to see those places in person. Soon enough, a certain realization came into my mind that a tourist could have that fun and the exciting aspect of the metropolitan city wasn’t part of my life. My financial status was much better than the school years but income wasn’t enough to support the life style I pursue.

Well, money wasn’t the issue. Southern California is known for the largest Korean community in the US. The Koreans in the community have built their own nice community and live as if it was Korea. No judgement here. However, I didn’t belong there and want to do, either. I can’t possibly take Korea all out of me but wanted to be well blended in the US. The LA metropolitan area wasn’t a help at all in the sense. My English was lost in the amid of Korean. Anxiousness grew as my identity stumbled. In the early thirties, another identity crisis occurred. That was when I started blogging (in Korean).

All kinds of thoughts float in my head day and night. Some are a driving force while some others are dragging me down. Blogging has been an excellent tool helping me get thoughts organized.

Maybe, I meant to be a nomad in this life. There came another time I have to live in a new city somewhere in the south. In retrospect, the four years I spent in Southern Califonia was one of the most gloomy era. There were other aspects that added to the gloominess but I rather not share here. Except the fact that I had to restart a life, I was very happy to move out of Southern California.

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