Why do I feel like Nemo (III)

People think I am kidding when I say I prefer Houston to Los Angeles although it wasn’t true for the first few days. It was a drizzling foggy winter day when I arrived in Houston. The first impression of this city was Gotham City. The city felt spooky and looked gloomy in buildings as I drove on I-10 to find my new apartment. Or I misinterpreted this warm city, probably. Thanks to the stupid navigation – that kept instructing me to take the tollway that only allows EZ Tag, it took me more than two hours to get to my empty apartment where a normal drive is only 40~50 minutes. The empty apartment was even worse: still damp from carpet shampooing and totally empty except myself and two suit cases. My Houston life started indeed.

Unlike my first few gloomy days, the city turned out to be friendly and warm, and I’ve made a few good friends. I love Houston. I settled down well and enjoy life here. Then what’s my problem? Why do I feel like Nemo? Now, here comes the question and the answer.

(I have more stories pertaining to my life in Houston. But again I wouldn’t share them as they might be too personal (or make the readers of this post uncomfortable). And this Nemo story is enough for three days.)

Even 1500 miles away from Los Angeles, I still live in the Korean community. I am so Korean. Nothing is wrong being Korean, but the more I live as a Korean, the more I would lose chances to enjoy the US. Belong to a certain community is totally fine but due to the strong heritage of mine, it is very possible I could be a happy fish in this small community without knowing what’s out there. I want to explore the ocean even if I am a small unknown fish. The small fish could be swallowed by a shark or hit by the rock. Whatever is okay as long as the fish is not confined to her small tank.

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