Me, me and me?

Reading I read the bible (not often but when I do), the question that comes most often to mind is ‘What does this mean to me?’ When I heard in a bible study that it is not the right question – instead, the question should be ‘What did this mean to the author of the book?’, it struck my head. Then, I gave it a thought. My me tendency rules every aspect of life including Christianity. Here I am not trying to write about Christianity, but how self-focused I have been.

During the past blog years, I often found that postings are mostly about me thinking this and that, loving and hating this and that and feeling this and that. Most of the time, I have been the main subject of postings. One day, a question occurred to me, ‘Why do I write so much about me?’

Where human is a social animal, I am less human. Haha. Being less human doesn’t bother me. I simply enjoy doing stuff I can do alone: watching movies, reading books or anything to read, blogging, thinking, writing, running, swimming, etc. However, what concerns me is the writing subjects I would miss due to this tendency. And I want to be more human. (Why I became me-focused person would need another posting or two. I have a self-analysis about it.)

I am like a dot in the world and there is so much going on outside the dot’s world. No more me, me and me.

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