To overcome shyness, photography

My Canon T3i camera turned out to be a magical machine. I took a photography class 15 years ago, and the final exam photo got an A thanks to the professor’s generosity. However, I must admit I know nothing about photography. Magically, the photos taken by this camera are not bad (yes, in my eye). Photography is certainly fun. I could spend hours and, as a matter of fact, spent days in Vancouver without being bored or lonely.

City Centre, Houston

Here is one problem that I encoutered during the fun activity. Any non-human objects are easier to focus on. When it comes to a human object, shyness comes in to play. (Maybe it is related to the less human trait of mine. You know what I mean if you read the previous posting, ‘Me, me and me?’). Above is probably the closest I can get. Of course, personal space is important in America but I shouldn’t have acted as if my photography is an undercover activity or I worry I may get yelled at “What are you doing?!”

Do I need a better lens then become sneaky? Just kidding. The main reason I bought the camera was to express thoughts and feelings through lens, which I believe is another good medium, besides writing. I like photos that seem to contain a meaning, most of which contain people, I think. I want to read people’s lives, take a picture of part of them and add a story to it. Shyness wouldn’t help. Need to get over it.

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