My church, warm and nurturing like an incubator

Many Korean-American Christian churches are a social community rather than a religious one. We Koreans have a high context culture, where the people tend to enjoy gathering and sharing their lives with others let alone family and friends. Therefore, the Koreans here in the States go to church not only for God but also for social gatherings. While this social tendency works fine for whom needs the interactions with other people in their immigrant life, it also brings about the alteration of church’s essential functions. If a church would lose its essential purpose, what good is it to the world?

In this sense, my church is a good one, very good one. It is very conservative and the rules are strict, which hence would not give much chance to conventional problems that are common where people gather. I wouldn’t write in details as that’s not what I wanted here. In the last Sunday service, I felt as if I was in an incubator, a place where one wouldn’t want to leave for good, could grow well in God and breathing is all it takes.

However, the perfect place is full of new comers (mostly fresh from Korea) and the existing members help them find God and settling down in the States. Not that I  don’t want to help them as a church member, but this somehow is quite not in the direction I want to go for now. The longer I stay in the church, the more I would feel like Nemo.

My church is warm and nurturing like an incubator, which I will have to leave when time is up, the time I don’t know when or ever.

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