So-called easy entertainment

At least for a year, I was a couch potato because of job stresses. I used to come home from work with a to-go dinner and some dessert and then stuck at the sofa, watching TV, until the bed time. My fatter body was a gift from the sofa. Before that, Final Fantasy 7 was my only and favorite RPG, which I aggressively played for 3-4 months and ended up spending more than 150 hours on the single game. I am glad Final Fantasy 7 was the only game I played. Otherwise, I could have been kicked out of school. The game was a masterpiece to me, though

Since I started blogging and consequently thinking and writing more, TV stopped being my #1 entertainment. I still do love to see good movies on TV or at the theater. Life stresses are released substantially by workouts.

Starting this year, I quit my favorite (but useless and gossip kingdom) website, and I also plan to quit listening to Podcasts except during the time of workouts. That is, I will not be tuned to the Podcasts on the way to/from the gym, in the Jacuzzi, driving and on my bed.

Gossip kingdom websites or easy listening Podcasts, let alone TV, are, I call, easy entertainment. It is so easy to get into but hard to get out of. It is wasting time, and, worse, thoughts often disappear in the sea of easy entertainment. While Post A Day is challenging in terms of time and topic management, keeping the thoughts flowing in mind is more challenging. It was interesting to find out that Charles Darwin enjoyed a regular afternoon walk in his lifetime. I have no doubt that philosophers, thinkers and writers are a great fan of walk for thinking. But for a scientist? During his afternoon walk, Darwin processed his thoughts, relaxed, noticed even small bits of changes in nature including shells, which were part of his research subject and became a base of his ever famous book, On the Origin of Species.

I also realized by experience that a regular distraction-free time in a quiet setting helps a thought get deeper and wider, which is difficult to obtain in this age in a city. Having a full time job and an important goal in mind, it makes more sense to quit any distraction.

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