Austin: Wild Basin Wilderness Preserve

It was the first 2012 weekend trip out of town. As an excuse of the new car, I planned a trip to Austin. Because of the wet weather forecast, I worried if I can’t go for a hike but luckily it was dry and warm enough to enjoy outdoor. Because of its closeness from the hotel with a 15 minute drive, Wild Basin Wilderness Preserve was the choice, and it was a good hike even though I was a bit scared at the start of the trail.

Upon arriving at the Preserve, I found only two cars parked and warning signs for vandalism. Until the hike passed the two-hour mark, there was no encounter with a living creature, let alone people, except the sound of some birds. The trail showed no color – just the grey – and even the trees seemed grey. It felt desolate. I have been having an ongoing (small) worry in mind, which bothered me throughout the week and seemed bigger in the desolateness. I now think that I am a kind of a person who starts cowardly in a new environment but slowly gets into and fully enjoy it. The desolateness turned into a liveliness when a small creek and water falls appeared with a rhythmical sound of water flow and then I felt much better

Due to the grey color of the trail, every bit of vivid color was easily noticeable.

(*I tried several times to install a program to overlay multiple photos in a frame, but failed every time. Hopefully, I could be able to do it soon.)

My mind at the end of the hike

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