Austin: Lake Travis

On the way back to Houston, I drove by Lake Travis. My first visit to the lake was on a hot Summer day last year when Texas was greatly suffering from the severe drought. That day, several wild fires broke out throughout the Austin area, which blocked several highways and made the residents near the fires cry. Texas was that dry and Lake Travis seemed to be drying up. This time, I expected the lake to be more filled but unfortunately the water level was lower to my eyes.

View from Oasis Cafe

The drive was pleasant except having to see the drying lake. At every view point, there were houses (more of mansions rather than houses ), many of which were up for sale, to my surprise. Bad economy.

Houses in the woods

There were many boat ramps but probably no use at all these days.

Often, Sunday afternoons have been gloomy, whether to be alone or with loved ones, especially if I were to come back from a trip. Surprisingly, such feeling is much gone now. I don’t know why.

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