Guilty Pleasure

Whenever my life flounders in stresses, I crave sweets as others women do. An ongoing small stress has made me constantly think of a cupcake or two. Cupcakes are not my favorite sweets because of their above-the-limit sweetness. Nevertheless, I do sometimes buy a cupcake because of its delicious look in a cute box . With a cup of coffee, an eye-indulging cupcake seems perfect. It would be definitely a guilty pleasure for whomever loves cupcakes but concerns about her health and weight. For me, actually, a cupcake is not my true guilty pleasure, though. Mine is found in Kindle.

On a sleepless summer night, I tossed in my bed trying to go to sleep. Out of the blue, a book I wanted to read came up in mind just before the midnight. Then I got up, turned my computer on, purchased the book at and had it delivered to my Kindle, all done within five minutes. What a convenient way of enjoying a book! It certainly was a pleasure.

You would wonder why I had a guilty feeling. An ebook for Kindle averages at $10. I used to borrow books from the library before the Kindly era so I could have waited for the day coming in hours. But I swap(ped) convenience with money for a pleasure. Since then, I don’t go to the library for books nor to Barnes and Noble. Despite of a worry if Kindle would fit me, it has given me a perfect yet guilty experience. What’s your guilty pleasure?

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