Weekly Photo Challenge: Ready

This week’s photo challenge seemed challenging. Ready? I couldn’t come up with anything suitable. During the week, I had a dinner appointment at a restaurant and decided to take a photo of the table setting, feeling not much satisfied about the photo idea and being hesitant about what to write.

In the meantime, I went to the restaurant and found the table setting was decent. I was ready, I thought, to enjoy the dinner, starting with a glass of wine and ending with reasonably sweet Creme Brulee and much bitter coffee. The dinner was pleasant and the people at the table enjoyed the time, except the fact I was not ready to enjoy it as opposed to my expectation.

At the table there was an important guest, very. Focus was on him, and naturally he led the conversations. The wines were served. I picked one from the Pinot Noir selection without knowing what to expect yet with knowing the wine would be lighter and my face will be turning into the color of the wine soon. Cocktail shrimps, oysters and lobster tails were the next and then warm and fresh breads with butter. These restaurants’ breads are always as good as I would still appreciate even if the breads are all I get for the dinner.

My unreadiness was due to the guest. He was very good, and indeed warm and soft talk. The fact he and I live in very different worlds bothered me even though we pretended it wasn’t true. It sounds a man and woman relationship, but it isn’t. It is bigger in scope as it involves our society. Our main dishes were served. My 8 ounce Fillet Mignon was even more than perfect, in size and taste. I enjoyed it while the bothersome fact was still dangling in mind.

I wouldn’t elaborate here what all was about, but a separate posting in a few days. I was not ready on the evening.

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