A restroom comic strip

On my office floor, there is a web marketing company and are many young web designers. One day, they started a campaign ‘To make your restroom time more enjoyable’. (Correction: It was a girl in my office who started it.) They didn’t say it but I took the liberty of naming it. The first run of funny cartoon strips and photos were gone, and the second run started to show several days ago.

On a white paper, a set of three toothpicked figures were standing, which appeared to do nothing to my eyes.

David just got knifed!

That’s forking terrible!


Too spoon?

What does that mean? I didn’t get it at my first restroom use after its appearance. At the second use, I read the lines again. Magically, it made sense! Yes, magically. The facial expressions of the third toothpick is so funny. I am that insensitive to sketches but sensitive to letters and colors. I constantly read letters, words and sentences on everything that comes in to my sight. Even very small letters such as ones on a pen, a tea bag and a ruler. On the contrary, I may be one of the least fans of comic strips. I could finish a comic book in 10 minutes as my eyes follow only the letters, skipping the pictures. And then I put it down, complaining inwardly,’It is a boring (comic) book.’ Of course, the comic book was meant to be enjoyed with its pictures not only letters. Until college when I didn’t have to take any art class, my art classes had been a horror. Especially my sketches were so bad that I never expected a good score except that I had to do something with colors. My drawings don’t make common sense and just look terrible.

Whenever I look at the comic strip on the restroom door, now, it makes me laugh. It certainly makes my restroom time more enjoyable. From now on, I probably would pay more attention to non-letter objects.

And this one is funny, too.

2 thoughts on “A restroom comic strip

  1. Hi. So can you please explain me, what’s the catch of the “too spoon” pun? I am not a native english speaker and just can’t get it.

    Best regards,

    • Hi Alex,

      I am not a native speaker either. 🙂 As per my understanding, the three guys are doing a knife, fork and spoon talking. Their friend Dave was stabbed with a knife. The second guy said ‘forking terrible’ meaning to say the ‘f’ word. Then the third guy was expected to say something great or fun using ‘spoon’. ‘Too spoon’? What does it mean? It means nothing. That’s why it was funny to me. 🙂

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