Weekly Photo Challenge: Regret

Not being abused! Her cute face doesn't want to confront a camera lens.

It is now time to post about my other cat, Sol. When I adopted her, the adoption center staff told me she is bossy. She had such a petite body when I saw her with an awe of friendliness. It seemed she was born with many other kittens and hungry at the litter. Sol ate her and Heedong’s food at the speed of a blink. As she got used to home, she showed that she is a cat of a lot of purring and meowing. When she encounters a new person, she runs away, this time, at the speed of a bullet with her ears folded down. How cute! She is from California where Heedong is from Nebraska. That is probably why they don’t get along well, not hissing at each other but not showing a love towards the same species. Maybe, my expectations are too high.

When my life stumbled from an unexpected surprise and I had no energy to look after Sol and Heedong, there was a time that I regretted I adopted her. But now I regret that I had that regret as she has been such sweet and cute Sol to me.

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