Memories with the odometer

While driving in the last weekend, some of the old memories came to my mind like a flash and went away. I was curious why. What stimulated my old memories that have been stuck somewhere in my head? I wondered for a while.

My car odometer was the reason. As I was driving, the numbers changed from the 1970s to the 1980s and the 1990s. I wished I could have been able to stop at a more memorable mile such as 1992, the year I entered the college.

1973, the year I was born.

1980, the year I was a first grader.

1988, the year my country hosted the Olympic Games.

1993, the year I fell deeply in love with a boy.

1996, the year I came to this country.

2000, the year people were afraid of their possible last year on earth.

2012, the year I live now hoping to have many good memories but some people anticipate the end of the world.

Ironically, up until year 2000, it felt a bit slow but after that the odometer seemed to go up like a bullet. When we were little, a day seemed a month-long. But in your thirties or forties, a month feels like a day. Even faster in the fifties and older. Someone said that is because one has lots to experience and learn when he/she is little. But as getting older, he/she just lives a routine life without much new experiences or learnings. Yes, the explanation of why struck my head as it was totally true. Since I heard the someone’s saying, I have been trying to experience and learn as much as I can to live my life to the fullest.

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