My 6th anniversary

Anniversary Pecan Pie

My anniversary with this company was on the 15th. This job made me two interstate movings and I ended up here in Houston after six years. My job life is no different from any other jobs’ – ups and downs. There were times I wanted to storm out of the office or throw a two-week notice at my boss. Who wouldn’t have such times throughout their career life?

In retrospect, I admit the past six years have been blessed. This job gave me a stable life, allowing me to do some of the things I want to do in my life and to still dream of a different life.

At first, I was discontent with this job as I thought I deserved better. My focus was a working visa and then a green card . I lived as if a green card was all I need to start a life I want in this country. Once I got the green card, I realized deep in my heart that I wasted several years by only focusing on the green card. That is, I couldn’t enjoy every moment of my life in the shadow of worries or eagerness to have a green card. I am very purpose-oriented and often narrow-sighted if I have a goal. In fact, the process of acquiring the green card was more than having my status stabilized. It was the time of a significant life lesson.

The foolish notion that I deserved better was a huge barrier of my personal development. A realization came to my mind when I thought I should leave the company. It was a moment I had to proudly storm out of the office. But the reality was I only found a fool who wasn’t ready to leave at all and was afraid of change. My self-esteem dropped and I was really sad of my foolishness, not about the fact I wasn’t ready.

Now I know my 6-year-old job is part of my plan support system. I am very thankful for my 6th anniversary.

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