Nail Day

I’ve had a habit of going to the nail shop obviously to have my nails done. It was about four years ago I started it. Getting nails done wasn’t in my Korean culture but it became part of my culture. Maybe I am becoming Korean-American. Let alone being well groomed, going to a nail shop is a small indulging reward on a Friday afternoon after a week of work. The habit is hard to defy.

Since I have been blogging, one of my wishes is living in a small German village (why German? I am not sure.) for about a year, during which I would like to have lots of quiet and peaceful hours to read, think and write. And then I want to see how I would change after such blessed hours.

Funny enough, a series of questions followed: ‘What about my nails?’, ‘Would I still be able to get my nails done?’ and ‘Would it matter if my nails are well groomed in such a small village?’ It occurred to me if I really want to spend some time in an semi-isolated village. It could be just a romantic and vain wish to try something new out of boredom. Or it is still too early to have a definite answer.



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