10,000-Hour Rule

Cover of "Outliers: The Story of Success&...

Cover of Outliers: The Story of Success

In continuation of the previous post, I would like to share why I decided to post 50,000 posts, which seems absurd and never ending. The notion of the 50,000 posts is based on ‘10,000-hour Rule’ by Malcolm Gladwell, the author of. I didn’t read the book yet but thanks to Wikipedia as always, I attained the basic knowledge about the book. Whoever spends time at a specific task for 10,000 hours will become an expert in the task. Gladwell asserts success is a matter of practicing for around 10,000 hours plus inheritances if one is considered to be really successful such as Bill Gates or the Beatles.

As I can’t change what I was born with, my successful life is not a well known one but a life in which I can do what I want to do. That is, I want to work as a full time translator (Korean to English) plus to write colums while living in a city of my choice. My place of residence is the US so I have found it difficult to get translation jobs from English to Korean and wanted Korean to English anyways. Now, I have a translation project from Korean to English and one more in discussion. But there has been some sort of criticism that I will not make a Korean to English translator because of I am not native in English, greatly discouraging for this aspiring translator.

Based on Malcolm’s assertion, I decided to spend in writing for 10,000 hours by posting 50,000 posts. A post takes about two hours on average from picking a topic to pressing the Publish button. Hoping to get close to perfection at my standard, I will strive to maintain Post A Day but won’t forget to enjoy it.

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