How can I go to Havana, Cuba?

My best friend was going to come to the US for a vacation in late May, and then we would go on a road trip to the Florida beaches. Sadly, her plan has been pushed back to later this year and I doubt if she will ever make it. Then the next question is ‘what would I do for my summer vacation?’ The road trip should be saved for her so that I need to choose another destination (like I MUST leave Houston. Haha.)

Out of the blue, Havana, Cuba came to my attention (Not quite out of the blue as the city was on my wish list and I am Korean so it is not illegal), and I did a preliminary research on the city. Havana seemed rich of Spanish culture, combined with exotic beaches, and is not far from Houston. I was so excited until I checked the flights. Neither was a direct flight available (not that I expected it), nor major travel websites offered a connection to Havana from Cancun, one of the most popular connecting cities to Havana. I tried, a British website, but it banned me from choosing Havana because my region is the US.

A forbidden destination! That is even sexier. I will find a way. Some pictures I found online. I hope to be able to take my own pictures of the city.



6 thoughts on “How can I go to Havana, Cuba?

  1. I don’t know how to advise you get to get there, other than perhaps flights via Mexico, but if you are interested there are some posts about our trip to Cuba which can be found by ‘googling’ Dave’s Photo Musings and digging around on my Blog. Take a look at the July 2011 archive and work from there.

    • Hi, thank you for giving me the info. I will definitely go check your blog to find out further. I wonder if the Cuban customs stamped on your passport. 🙂

      • Being a British National, we needed Tourist Cards to enter Cuba. Our passports were not, therefore, stamped, but the card was. I think that we surrendered the Cards when we left Cuba, because I can’t find any evidence of them with our passports. Since I presume that Cuba does not have an embassy in the US, I wonder whether you would have to obtain a Tourist Card via their embassy in Korea.

        I mentioned Mexico, because out Tour Guide was Irish, but had dual nationality as he was now married to a Mexican girl and had family and businesses in Mexico. He flew from Mexico to Cuba and back on a regular basis. I guess that Mexico is easy to get to from the US.

        I hope this helps.

      • Hi David, thank you for the explanation.It helps! I should check about the Tourist Card. I think Cancun, Mexico as layover is the most economical and quickest way. A travel planning is always fun.

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