It is a lonely road, my friend.

A bell has to strike itself harder to make its hollowing reach further. Without making hard efforts today, one is unable to impress the world. The world will recognize you quicker than you think as to how hard you have been pouring your passion and making an effort on your work. (From a twitter I follow)

If I didn’t need the world’s recognition in what I am doing, I may call myself a saint. It is a human feature to be recognized by others in society. People want to be somebody rather than nobody, somebody whose work of any kind is reconized. What I do,  besides the day job, seems not recognized. I secretely believe the time hasn’t come yet, and I am also wholly aware the feeling of loneliness is part of the process.

I am not a bell that sacrifices its own body to make a sound, just doing things for my own good and complaining of my lonely feeling as I am merely a human. The twitter phrase that the world would recognize my passion and efforts quicker than I think greatly comforts me.

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