Black birds

The other day, I went to Target and saw a magnificent scene of black birds (I think crows) in its parking lot. It was hundreds of birds covering the parking lot. The scene reminded me of the horror movie “The Birds” by Alfred Hitchcock that vaguely exists in my memory. I was disappointed by the absence of my camera with me at that time.

Today, I went to the Target again, hoping the birds still occupying the lot, chirping. “Ta da!” That was what I was hoping to say. However, the birds were not there. Some crows and unknown birds were flying around but the magnificent scene disappeared. Too bad for me but good for Target. It seems the mall securities kept driving them away. I was able to take pictures of some birds that didn’t allow me to come closer. I would definitely need a better lens.

Some birds

“The Birds” was one of the old movies that kept showing on TV at night when I was little, like in the first or second grade. The bird attacks were so dreading to my then innocent eyes, and I’ve never finished the movie. Now I am thinking a horror movie in my child was not a positive influence. I saw a few of the “Jaws” series. In part due to the series, I developed a fear of the dark sea or even a deep pool that a shark might appear out of the blue and bite me to death. Certainly a bad influence.

Beautiful sky as a reward after I failed to get the hundreds of birds in a picture

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