Film Review: This Means War

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I saw a romantic movie two weeks in a row: ‘This means war’ after ‘The Vow’, which is unsual for me. I do also like a romantic comedy but not at the theater. This time, it was my weekend ritual to spend some time at the theater with popcorn and soda. A little more about me, I don’t drink soda or eat popcorn outside the theater. Movies seem more fun at the theater if popcorn and soda accompany me.

Anyway, I saw it with less expectations than those of The Vow. Yes, I was right. There’s nothing to talk about the movie: no summery of the story. Then why did I spend money and time on nothing? I just wanted to see cute Reese and the cuter two guys. Yes, she was cute and the guys (I don’t even know their names. Sorry, guys.) were cuter.  

Ironically and in fact, I enjoyed this one better than the other romantic movie. I gave it a thought. The time I see a movie even if the storyline is not interesting enough is when its main characters – both women and men- look sexy. I think This Means War wins over The Vow. Haha.

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