Suicidal society

No Me Mireis!My knowledge on depression is very limited. Trying to understand male depression, I began to have some thoughts on depression and came to think I want to expand my knowledge of it. I would like to share my expanded knowledge in some of my future posts if I make a progress.

I left Korea 16 years ago. Thanks to the internet, I read all kinds of news about how much Korea has developed since the year of my departure. While being proud of my mother country’s development, I found it hard to accept the fact there are many suicides throughout the society. Many of the depressed choose to commit suicide as a solution to their pain. Along with the economical development, Korea has also developed a suppressed social atmosphere, i.e. fierce competitions, certain age expections per step of life and high social context are some characteristics of the Korean society I think. Such social atmosphere has pushed the Koreans to the edge and the people seem to suffer from depression that leads to suicide. I would dare to call it a suicidal society, hoping to see my mother country more relaxed.

Another thought on depression is the first generation of Korean immgrants in the US. One could develop depression when the burden of life seems stuck on his/her shoulder forever without a solution. When an immigrant (especially a male) moves to the US, he/she has to face barriers of language, racial (unless one of the majority race) and culture. The language barrier is the biggest and most important matter. The background of the immigrant doesn’t matter. The feeling of being ignored and nobody substantially hurts one’s self-confidence. Later I found out while reading <Unmasking Male Depression> by Archibald D. Hart why so many Korean male students (or Korean-Americans) I studied with were addicted to computer or video games. They were going through a sort of the depressed stage of their life.

Once I thought I would go back to school to study further in this immigrant depression issue or at least I would study further on my own.

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