Weekly Photo Challenge: Indulge

Once I saw the theme of this week’s Weekly Photo Challenge, the first thing that came up in my mind was that it is a bit too late as I already posted a few posts about indulging (indirectly). What’s indulging me? This time, I would make a set for a photo shoot.

Unfortunately and fortunately, I am almost alcohol intolerant. I don’t drink, smoke or drugs (someone said my objectivity is skewed by my Korean/Baptist upbringing. And I agreed.). Maybe a bit of drinking a few times a year but no smoking or drugs. The first year I moved to Houston, its summer didn’t disappoint me: it was blazing hot. On the way home from work, I started buying a pack of beers and drinking a (half) can a few times a week. A half can of cold beer felt crispy good in those summer days. It was certainly indulging even for my alcohol intolerant body.

I bought this beer specifically for this photo challenge and was glad the half-sized cans were available for me. How nice!

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