Continuous search for excitement

After a three-hour of tennis play on Sunday, I was so exhausted and excited that I couldn’t go to sleep until 2 AM. The Sunday’s tennis ply was a great fun. Before the tennis play, I spent time at my church with people, which was also fun and exciting. Thus, it was some sort of an adrenalin-and-endorphins gushing day. Next day, in my quiet office, I felt so down, as if submerged into a deep sea. Maybe, the hormones were so strong that I was temporarily addicted to them. It occurred to me why I can’t enjoy no fun day, meaning a normal day without the excitement throughout the day. It is human nature looking for fun. However, I seem to have more of the human nature in me or at least I am more sensitive to any difference/change happening in and around me, which I always believe the latter is the case.

(I just notice things easily and openly write about myself on blog. Because I write about the things I notice in life, sometimes, I feel I am full of problems or greedy or something similar despite of the fact I am no different from others.)

Anyways, on Monday, I had the urge to plan for a trip to Cuba or anywhere that is not Houston as if it would lift my feeling. Trip planning is always fun and exciting, even more fun than the actual trip. I wanted to feel the high of the Sunday night tennis. When my body was still sore and needed a relax, I went to the gym for a run. It wasn’t that good idea as I got greatly tired after all. Worse, I skipped the Monday teaching at Lakewood Church.

The whole day was a search for excitement – adrenalin and endorphins. I am addicted to them.

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