Make myself home

Some change was needed and I chose to rearrange furniture at home, a good way of getting rid of the aged dust. My home has been merely a place of sleep because of the hectic schedule. I decided to make it more homey, creating a place to relax, entertain and study as well.

After all, it is very Ikea. I like its simplicity, though.

I’ve always wanted to build a nice book shelve taking up an entire wall although it is a bit showy. As a result of numerous movings, below is all I have for books (hardcopies at least). The number wouldn’t be increasing in the near future as I now live in the Kindle era.

Music station. Oh, I am in the iPhone era, too. Recently I purchased a (Korean) concert album whose songs took me to the past when I was a college sophomore. Music is so powerful that I don’t want to leave home.

Studying and blogging.

I need a console to place this warm and cute cushion cover bought in Peru from the last year’s mission trip.

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