Houstonians may think I am crazy to look forward to the blazing Houston summer. Indeed, I am. It is already half way to summer here, temperatures above 75 F throughout the week, bright and breezy. I kept thinking whenever I went outside for lunch that I had the urge to go on a road trip, the farther the better.

Houston summers are horrible, except the fact I would have lots of sunbathing time. Even in Southern California where many nice beaches are available, I didn’t enjoy sunbathing. However, somehow, I felt my a-bit-darker-than-tofu-colored-skin didn’t seem to go well with this hot city and started sunbathing, which became my favorite activity along with occasional beer drinking.

With a bottle of cold water, an iced coffee, Kindle and iPhone, the time by the pool on a Saturday mid-morning is perfectly sweaty and sunlighted. I look forward to the time.

4 thoughts on “Sunbathing

  1. I still love Texan Summers though I agree, its hot. Spring sounds like a pleasant time to enjoy sunbathing… Just perfect temperature. Beautiful photo..,

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