I hate IE 10 Consumer Preview!

I hate Microsoft and its new Internet Explorer 10! Why did you kindly ask if I wanted to upgrade to the new version? Since the upgrade, many of my normal Internet activities are banned such as checking one of my online banking accounts, prining out a UPS label and, most importantly, typing in Korean. It feels like electricity is partly disconnected. I couldn’t go back to the previous version. I am upset.

Microsoft, I hate your unattractive vivid colors of the apps.

This uncomfortable status reminded me of some TV shows as to ‘How to live without the Internet’ or even in a more pre-developed living form, ‘Living in the extreme.’ (Sorry I can’t recall the exact show titles.) The latter was lives of several related families who live in Alaska where there are no other people living around and the families have to self-support their own foods by fishing or hunting and cut trees for a heat resource. Cattles were an important income source. As the show wasn’t imitating a life of the pre-electricity era or anything, they didn’t live in a primitive form but it looked close to that age to my eyes. A scene was where a young couple went to (ice) fishing, waited for over 30 hours in the cold weather and finally caught two fishes, about which they were happy that their family can enjoy a fresh fish meal. A question ‘Why did they choose to live in such an extreme life’ kept occurringt to me. Waited over 30 hours (not minutes in the severe Alaskan winter) for two fishes? I couldn’t understand it.

Or would they not understand me? That I constantly check emails, social network sites, blogs and stocks on my phone and computer like an addiction. Even this upset feeling over IE 10. To their eyes, I might be living in the extreme, an extreme city life.

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