Guadalajara or Havana?

That is the question for this summer. My original intention was to go to Havana, Cuba as I posted the other day. suddenly, the team leader of my last Peru trip emailed me asking to join his new team to Guadalajara and I gave him a semi-positive reply. It is a Baptist upbringing thing that I usually can’t say ‘no’ to a request/asking from the church. I am old enough to make my own decision on this church matter. (substantially enough that I will enter into middle age soon. By the way, when does middle age start? According to Wikipedia, it is 40 to 65.)

Both cities are close and about the same distance.

The pros and cons are summarized in a table below. I seem more inclined to Havana at this time and will add more pros and cons until a decision is made.




Guadalajara, Mexico

Mission trip, experience of another great team work, less costly, growth in Jesus, non-stop short-hour flight

Time consuming (weekly meetings for 3 months and plus), less fun, a bit scared due to the drug wars

20% inclined

(Holy & good will)

Havana, Cuba

Long longing for the city, rich Spanish culture & beautiful beaches, wholly devoted to myself (yeah, sunbathing and photography), forbidden from the US so feeling very exotic

Hassles with flight, hotel and transportation arrangements, at least two flights & banned from the travel websites, only cash accepted in Havana (Huh!?), cost more

80% inclined

(Excited even thinking about it)

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