My life and stock

For the past few days, my stock plunged due to worries over China and Greece and fortunately recovered much today. Back in August, I started a small investment to have an idea of the stock world. In my industry, there was a company that seemed significantly undervalued and I bought some of its shares, expecting a 80% profit in two to three months. It was a perfect plan in time for my Christmas shopping. Who said life will go as planned? Haha. Since the purchase, it feels I’ve been dancing on the flow of my stock. I wasn’t able to sell it off before the Christmas as the price was still at the break even point. Still, it repeats ups and downs. I am not at all ready to sell it and unsure when even after seven months.

However, at a closer look, it is in the upward direction even though daily or weekly ups and downs do exist. Today, I am down and tomorrow I am up. Exactly like my stock. When I am deeply down, it feels as if my day is over and I want to disappear. But at a distance my life graph is definitely in the upward direction. I shall remember it.

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