Not until the 3-year mark of my blogging, I didn’t realize I was quite a storyteller. A bit of memory or thought turns into a story, not that long to be a short novel but suitable for a post on my blog. I need practice to write a longer story. Today, I kind of realized why I am overwhelmed by a small incident.

If I am stimulated by literally anything, my mind immediately gets full of associated thoughts and memories. Unless I sort them out quickly, I find it hard to go to sleep because my mind races for several hours until I fell asleep when my body becomes tired. This has been ever since. I thought at one point that I suffer from insomnia and often became overwhelmed by the inundation of such thoughts. However, thanks to a regular workout and blogging (writing), I am almost free of late night races on the bed. Especially, blogging substantially helped me organize all these thoughts and memories in a logical manner, and I feel much better after I publish a post as my head feels empty and lighter.

I am not sure why I have so many thoughts gushing out of my head when my mind is stimulated. But certainly there is a link between the thoughts and my emotional distress (over goodness or badness). On the last weekend, I met someone who reminded me of my late father. That night, all sorts of memories and thoughts came up to my mind related to my father and the people who I had associated memories with. For a few days I was swimming in the flood of the memories and thoughts. One good thing about it is I can continue my Post a Day. Otherwise, it is somehow painful as I am tired of too much thinking and become anxious of disoriented thoughts.

Earlier this year, I started a yearlong challenge: thinking outside the box. It is actually great that I am storyteller who makes stories out of my inundating thoughts but should not suffer from it, though. While I enjoy being a storyteller, I started to see me a bit differently as I looked at myself at a distance. I was born this way and won’t try to change unchageables. Instead, I will try to be a better storyteller. I think I know how.

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