A chipped bowl

On the evening the guests visited my apartment, we had a good time over dinner. One of the guests volunteered to wash the dishes and I let him do. After everyone was gone, I found one of the bowls was chipped. The chipped bowl bothered me until I went to sleep that night because it was the first time use and I bought an even number of bowls (8-1=7, now). The bowls are not expensive nor a set sot that I can easily replace the chipped one. But I am not sure why it bothered me that much.Two evenings later, I couldn’t help laughing in my kitchen. I totally forgot that even I purchased the bowls. I was so silly that I cared so much about such a small matter that would be wholly forgotten in two days.

In the course of life, we go through all kinds of hardships, small or big, which seem lasting forever. Negative emotions and feelings from the hardships overwhelm us. Often times, what makes it harder is the negative emotions and feelings, not the actual hardship. Nothing lasts forever but we are instantly seized by them. However, from now on, I would remember this chipped bowl and say “Nothing lasts forever, It will go away, too, at least in two days if not now.”

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