A perfect day to jog in Terry Hershey Park

It was a perfect day to jog outside. A bit stressed during the week, I needed nature, continuously thinking of this park near my home. It was very perfect: breezes and clouds in the low 80 degrees. An eight mile of walking and jogging was very comforting and enough fun on a Saturday afternoon after a long exhausting week, mentally and physically.

My cloudy mind wasn’t cleared even after I saw beautiful wild flowers along the trail. A confused mind seemed strong enough to drag me down.

I listened to my favorite podcast that talks about a movie per week. I love it as the show guest has a good eye as far as movies are concerned, which shows me the unseen if without her explanations. Listening to a favorite show in this park was certainly soothing.

A small cluster of cute mushrooms. Edible?

Due to the recent rains, there are puddles like this. Are the little grasses are alive happy or drowned to death?

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