One’s first book

It was about time that I was happy about making arrangements for my mom’s visit from Korea. Then, something happened, which made me enormously upset and furious and put me in limbo. Striving for certainty and stability is a human trait. When life seems stable and certain, there always comes a threat into life, which shakes up your life.

When I read one’s first book, I often become fascinated by the rich (life) stories in the book. A writer tends to reflect his/her own stories on the first book. A life long passion towards writing creates a good book when one’s own life stories are adapted. The stories that have been accumulated throughout the author’s life and are most known to the author. That is the key to a good book.

Then, why would an aspiring writer want a stable and certain life? One happiness, one fury, one sorrow and one joy will add up in years and then contribute to one’s first book. A book rich with one’s happinesses, furies, sorrows and joys.

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