Reading materials

I keep saying my situation is not necessarily bad but I sound stressed out. It is not bad at all but because of my tendency – everything needs to be sorted out clearly, like black and white – I am a bit stressed. The increased workload at the office is an addition.

Reading someone else’s writing is as fun as writing. There is a website I visit regularly and read the daily casts posted on the website, which cover everything such as life, literature, philosophy, music, art and so on. Reading the casts is a daily fun. Today, two of the daily casts caught my attention, about the ever famous composer Beethoven and an Italian writer who was unknown to me. While I was reading about their lives and works, I felt such a relief. It felt just so calm and as if I was then in a different world where no thoughts or worries were concerned. Maybe it was a cue that I stop thinking about what’s going on around me and go into the world of reading and writing again.

I feel so relieved now.

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