Film Review: Late Autumn (만추)

Poster from a site I don't remember now

I’ve been waiting for this movie for quite a while. The actor (Hyun Bin) was the main character of my best drama show ever. Since then, he became my it-actor. The actress (Tang Wei) is vaguely known to me but I am aware of her great debut and think she has some sort of actor/actress charisma. I had high hopes towards this movie.

Ann Chen (Tang Wei) is an inmate of a California prison, jailed for killing his abusing husband. Hoon (Hyun Bin) is a male escort. The man and woman met on a bus headed to Seattle when Ann was going home for 3 days for her mom’s funeral and Hoon was fleeing from the husband of a woman who fell in love with Hoon. Ann’s encounters with her brother, sister and once-a-lover weren’t quite pleasant. She bumped into Hoon in Downtown Seattle and spent some time. She seemed firmly closed her mind to everyone, not excluding Hoon. It is totally understandable as she was allowed only 3 days out of prison. Hoon even showed up her mom’s funeral and stepped on the Ann’s returning bus to the prison, which made her open her heart to Hoon. When the bus made a stop at a cafe in a desolate area due to heavy fog, Hoon was kidnapped by the husband of the woman who set Hoon up as the muderer of his wife. That was it. Ann alone returned to the prison and Hoon was arrested. He made a vain promise, “We will meet here when you get out of the prison.” When she was released after two years, Ann waited for Hoon at the cafe where they went their own way. He never showed up.

That was it. The movie wasn’t good. Not much talking in the movie, but the characters in the movie or the director seemed failed at bringing out their inner emotions, which were supposed to substitue the minimized lines. The best thing about the movie was this poster that is so beautiful and has made my mind stirred.

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