People Project

This year I started so-called People Project. That is, to recover my relationships with family and friends and to build a new relationship with the new acquaintances. My mom would be the first person that I need to rebuild a relationship with. That’s why I am planning to invite her over to the States. Once you leave your home, even the parents could be not as close as one’s immediate friends who live around.

Today I reconnected with my cousin who grew up with me and was like my sister. Reading her text message made me cry. Why haven’t I contacted her earlier? We were cousins like sisters and friends. When we spent time together (many years), we didn’t act like friends or sisters. After college, when we went on our own way – her to Austria and New Zealand and me to the US, that was probably when we realized we were best friends. The lives made both of us busy but we often exchanged our feelings towards each other as best friends whenever possible. As we live in different life zones, it won’t be like those early years of ours. But it is great to have someone who could share same memories with me. Just one by one, my People Project is in progress.

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