Is the drought spell broken now?

Last year after a rather Houston-cold winter, we had a severe drought throughout the year. Thanks to the dry weather, the Houston summer was endurable and all enjoyed the sweetest fruits ever. My wicked mind secretly wished the drought spell to go on even though I knew some others were suffering from the lack of precipitation. Soon enough I stopped that wish.

This year, it rains more and frequently. Raining is sentimental always. I like this way too.

2 thoughts on “Is the drought spell broken now?

  1. Keep writing please, I enjoy the style of ‘non’judgmental’ that you write; Yours is one that goes thru (with permission from me) to my ‘new emails’ — that was my choice. I feel more relaxed when I read your viewpoint and what -is-on-your-mind. thank you. g.Thomas Stewart; please visit my site and let me know how you interpret my posts and writings. Have a good wknd. and keep the link, thanks, gary Thomas

    • Hi Gary, thanks for keeping reading posts. It feels good! All my years, I have thought I am very judgmental, which is somehow a not-so-accepted trait in Korean culture. Now I think that’s because I am analytical and express my thoughts freely.

      I will be sure to visit your site to read your posts and writings. Good night. 🙂

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