The Way of St. James (El Camino de Santiago)

El Camino de Santiago (from

I dream of travelling all around the world, not sure if I love actual travelling or the notion of it. The Way of St. James (El Camino de Santiago) or the one in Chile is on my list. On the website of my other blog, I saw an interesting webtoon ‘Viva Santiago’ by Kim Yong-Jin, a journey on that road for 30-rish days that was turned into a weekly cartoon. The cartoonist made a brave decision to go to The Way of St. James even though he could hardly afford the trip and worried about afterwards, life after the trip. In this sense, he was not the only one: quitting my full time job would be the first thing to do but not the only concern. Yong-Jin spontaneously teamed up with three other Koreans at the start of the way. The webtoon didn’t have dramatic stories but was rather calm and simple, which seems really to show what the travel was about.

Why would I want to go there, somewhat torturing and boring? I am just curious what thoughts would come up to my mind during and after walking for such a long time. And I want to try to talk to and understand the other travelers on the way. I am unsure if I would ever have the courage to quit my stable income source but am just vainly planning, hoping the day would come in my fortieth year.

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