My goal was a photo essay blog.

My main goal of this blog is to improve English. If it was only for writing, I would only have my Korean blog on which I could express fluently and freely. Out of more than 540k bloggers and 670k new posts, still, how I could attract viewers to this blog was a question. Photography was a big one but I am a writer rather than photographer if I may say. Then an idea occurred to me that I would write a daily photo essay. If I had a good photo, it wouldn’t be that difficult to write about it. A photo essay was a good idea, and the start was easy and smooth as I had usable photos in my album. Soon enough, I ran out of the photos I could use, and my posts began to be posted without a photo.

I needed more photos. But how I could have more if I don’t spend time and make an effort on photography? Writing is not so difficult as I have done it for a while but photography is new to me and I definitely need a trained eye for it with techniques. Yes, developing an idea and making it solely mine is such a hard and slow process. What not in life?

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