15% Introduction to Philosophy

If a doubt or unclarity surfaces in my mind, I read books, articles on the web and the like. I am not fond of a quick guide such as Something Something for Dummies as I enjoy expanding my knowledge through reading and thinking fundamentals.

Anyways, I have doubts on my Christianity and want to develop my thinking ability in a logical way. Philosophy was the first choice to find out why I am not that into my religion even though I was born in it and to improve my reasoning. ‘Sophie’s World: A Novel About the History of Philosophy’ was chosen as it sounded interesting. I am at about 15% of the book but I could clearly see it disguides in a novel form but is very much philosophy. That is, not in a fun novel fashion. Maybe I might move onto the next subject of my choice after reading this introduction rather go deeper in philosophy but I have enjoyed the book so far.

Unsure if I will be able to write a good review of this book after I reached the last page, the most interesting thing so far was human’s ability to reason. Philosophers ‘think’ logically about human and phenomena of the world. That is the charm of philosophy, a great result of logical thinking.

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