Theme of my upcoming trip

I decided the route for a week of the Florida trip. This time I would mainly spend time at beautiful Florida beaches. Instead of expecting what to see and do in strange cities, I expect what thoughts would occur to my mind during the trip. I want to have the eye which to be able to think and feel differently even though I visit one place repetitively.

As a full-time employee, I have a limited number of free days per year. Hoping that my later days would allow me longer and frequent trips, I still appreciate that I plan and CAN have two a-week trips annually. And I thought my week trips would be richer if I have a central theme as it would guide my thoughts.

Not fixed yet but ‘A free mind’ would be it for this Florida trip. Why this theme? I was once told that ‘my objectivity is skewed by my Baptist and korean upbringing’. That’s exactly right. I want to be free of everything I developed in my life, which affects me negatively in the direction I want to go.

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