(Emotional) trigger

A friend of mine once said that she thinks people cry or burst out not only because of the specific incident that triggered but also because of their suppressed emotions that have been internally hidden. The suppressed emotions are triggered by a certain incident, which is not necessarily related to them, but readily burst out. It makes sense.

Sitting at a Starbucks yesterday, I heard a female customer who ordered at the drive-through overly complaining about something when her drink was ready at the window. Her loud complaints bothered me in the cafe as I think that nothing that serious would have happened during the short time from ordering to the drink at the window and that the barrister wouldn’t have done anything to cause the complaint. She must have something oppressing her mind so that a littlest thing at the Starbucks triggered her to burst out.

Human are such an emotional being and even seem to wait for a trigger to pour his/her oppressed mind out. In recent news from Korea, crimes happened, which didn’t make sense to me at all. Some innocent people are unexpectedly insulted by some oppressed mind or even killed. We all need to learn how to release oppressed minds in a positive way instead of hiding them inside and bursting them out when triggered. Regular work-out is a great way to stay calm and free of an oppressed mind. That’s it for now about this post.

* I’ve been writing for pleasure since 2007. I want to give this blog a purpose, not merely for pleasure or for improving my English. It’s not clear yet as to what I want to do with this blog, but it seems I began to faintly understand the direction this what I want to do. I am excited whenever things get clearer in my mind.

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