Workout is my power

My life is simple. My week days are working, workouts, blogging or translating and reading. Weekends add an hour or so of television or a movie and church. Nothing special or awe about it. I am just leading a simple life. I had a long distance call with my best friend in Korea and met two friends of mine in Houston on the Sunday evening. They seemed all exhausted from their lives and it seemed I am the only one who wasn’t. My life is no better than theirs. In fact, I’ve been exposed to more life responsibilities. Yet, why do I seem less stressful and to have more energy towards my future as well now? I concluded my regular workouts enormously help me stay in a calm and happy life.

I started working out in 2008 when I realized I may have a heart attack due to stress, poor eating habit and zero workout. I cut my daily calories to 1000~1200 for 6 months and all enemy foods like hamburgers, pizza, soda, ice cream and spicy and salty foods that lured me into sweets. And to begin with, a daily light walking for 40 minutes was enough, and the time and intensity increased as time went by. As a result I lost 40 pounds for about one and half years but the pounds were merely the weight I gained throughout my American life. In other words, I just returned to the normal me. I needed more.

Last year, after a drastic life change, I decided to run for a half marathon and started training on June 1. I dare to say that it changed my life ever in the positive direction. Not the half marathon itself but the training. It was the power of simplicity. Born sensitive and a dreamer, lots of unnecessary thoughts and worries have overwhelmed me, which was such an energy drainer. During workouts, my mind goes blank and simple and stresses are cast away. Working-out is not only a physical energy builder, but allows me to save mental energy towards small and big goals in life.

It is getting clearer what I want and need with my life, a great first step. Workouts became part of my life and will be a driving force to help me lead a life I want.

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