A study idea

My apartment bookshelf

I’ve always wanted home in the mountain although how far it is from the city is a major concern. The house should have a study whose window should be as big as it would cover the entire wall and floor is wooden. Then it would be great if its view is all green. In the study, I would make a bookshelf covering bottom to ceiling and want the shelf full of books I have read and will read in the course of my life. There should be a simple desk and a comfortable leather chair for the desk and another chair for reading only.

Desirable atmosphere

The other day while I was rearranging furniture, I realized my bookshelf was only half full. How am I going to fill my bookshelf when my study is available? Reasons that I have so little books are frequent movings, textbook resales due to tight budgets, library borrowings and Kindle. My Kindle was a gift but I was a bit hesitant using it at first as I will have less chance to have hardcopy books although I am now a huge fan due to its convenience.

At another thought, I have a dream of living many places each for one or two years. A shelf-ful of books will be a burden, then. In <Native Speaker> by my favorite writer Chang Lae Lee, the wife packed books in several bags before she left for her months-long voyage. What a hassle if it would have been if I had to carry several bags only for books from place to place!

I changed my mind that I will have a study without full of books. As long as I have my Kindle or something similar, I will be happy in my study with big windows and comfortable chair.

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