The pot calling the kettle black

Last Friday, my church group members were chatting about the evening’s meeting on our Kakaotalk chat room (they are the essential ones I kept on the account.). It was a harmless conversation on a Friday afternoon: the topic was about the desert for the evening. 🙂 However, suddenly one of the members left the chat room without a word. What? Why would he leave the room without telling us anything? He was invited again to the room, and his reply was ‘I am busy.’ That was all. It felt weird, and I thought he is weird.

On my way home after work, I realized I was ‘the pot’ calling the kettle black. Maybe I was three times weirder than him. Even I deactivated my Facebook and Twitter and blocked people on Kakaotalk all at once.

In the course of my life, how often I call the pot calling the kettle black with a dual-standard. It was an aha moment.

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